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Our Production

The range of products we manufacture and provide to our customers includes parts for industrial equipment, all kinds of necessary resources and supplies for engineering, manufacturing and other industrial spheres.

Parts for Engineering

Fabricator produces parts for various purposes of mechanical engineering.

Pipes Production

Our copper, seamless and stainless steel pipes are used by companies worldwide.

Fittings Production

We offer a wide range of fittings for materials for different applications.


Chemicals and Plastics

Fabricator provides chemicals and plastics through several operations including production of olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, styrenics, and specialty products.

Steel and Oil Refining

Oil and steel refinery are the most important spheres of our company operation. They play a crucial role in development of modern technologies and industries.


Modern mining processes, supported by our company, involve prospecting for ore bodies, analysis of the profit potential of a mine, and other activities.

Industrial Machinery

As a vast sphere of Fabricator’s activity, industrial machinery covers different subareas of our work including heavy equipment and hardware production.

About Us

Fabricator is the leading provider of specialty services to North America’s process industries paying attention to the unique technical challenges.

Our company was founded in 1956 as a local enterprise manufacturing various products and providing services for other industrial companies. Focusing on long-term and sustainable development concepts, today we are positioned to be a resource optimization expert in Aerospace and Automotive Industries.

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Hu Wei President of China Metal Corporation Fabricator’s partner

Fabricator is a company that we can rely on. We often have to react to customer needs quickly and we know that Fabricator will take care of us even at a moment’s notice.

Wayne Johnson Manager of Caterpillar Corporation Fabricator’s partner

Fabricator is a partner we can trust. People do business with people they know and trust. That’s why we partner with this industrial company on everything.

Ashley Richardson Sales manager of InterInverse Corporation Fabricator’s client

I have worked with many companies offering supplemental industrial services, and out of all those companies there was one who really stood out from the rest. It’s Fabricator.

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